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GPThe turbochargerGPThe turbocharger

GPThe turbocharger

GPThe brand of the turbocharger。As aGARRETTAndBORGWARNERAuthorized suppliers,We of the turbine..



MOTORMANCar accessories brand,Currently under the brand of brake parts,Shock absorber products sell well in Europe and the United States,Have quite a city..



X-RACINGAuto accessories brand。 We areAUTOZONE WALMARTCharter suppliers。..

ZUMBOWheel hubZUMBOWheel hub

ZUMBOWheel hub

ZUMBOBrand wheel hub。We offer more than the design team in Italy600Kind of wheel type products,In order to meet the different..


+Let us to go to Shanghai exhibition(The more)

2017-11-30 16:59:19 | 4439

 Shanghai exhibition kicked off。 Stalls in and out of the customers and buyers and visit the relative to the visitors2016Terms,Much has changed。Few words said,Welfare benefits,To come..


+2017In Frankfurt auto show----Is about to open(The booth:1c10

2017-11-15 17:15:16 | 4631

2017Shanghai upcoming Frankfurt,Show time:2017.11.29-12.2This exhibition,Mainly composed of two brandsMOTORMA..


+2017In the United States(AAPEXAndSEMA)

2017-11-15 17:14:58 | 4427

The annual American mo belong toAAPEXAndSEMAThe exhibition,In the American market,The exhibition we will details of the differentiation of different products different markets,To make..


+Into new forms-Remember the more access to the suzhou automobile research institute, tsinghua university

2016-09-09 16:41:32 | 4565

In recent days,Ningbo more than the auto parts co., LTD., a line of visited suzhou automobile research institute, tsinghua university,With the hospital and automotive electronics research institute reached a preliminary cooperation intention。

About us


From1999Founded at the beginning,宁波The more始终专注于汽配行业。Company is located in the industrial base of China's auto industry,Have a self-built warehouse1Square,China's second largest port beilun port only warehouse distance15Minutes' drive。At present, a lot of the ningbo import and export co., LTD. Has formedMOTORMANAuto parts、GPTURBOThe turbocharger、ZUMBOWheel hub、X-RACINGFour auto parts auto accessories brand。