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Sichuan normal preschool teacher school is a training staff approved by the education bureau of sichuan province,Computer network technology,The train,Interior design,E-commerce, which integrates professional school
Teaching mode:Vocational skills training+Record of formal schooling education study simultaneously。
At the beginning of recruitment、High school graduates(With the same learning ability of students),Issued by the national recognition qualified graduates『Sichuan normal university』Electronic registration of college、Undergraduate course graduation card  A detailed introduction
Admission counseling:153-4817-8961  YanThe director

An online school
Entrance requirements

1.Age14-20One full year of life,A healthy body,No tattoo and infectious diseases;

2.Have a beginning,Graduate students of high school diploma or equivalent;

3.Height155cmThe above(Junior high school degree according to the age of discretion);

4.Need to take id card or residence booklet;

5.Preschool teacher professional performance。

Financial aid policies

1.Enjoy every school year1900Yuan state tuition reimbursement,A total of two years3800Yuan
2.Students can apply for to enjoy rural poverty3000Yuan/People's government allowance for living expanses
3.Poor students can enjoy schools offer scholarships as stipulated in the school500Yuan between4000Yuan
4.Enterprise financial aid:500Yuan between20000Yuan
5.Deposit payment application is sentA laptopA

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