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The xinhua news agency:Throat lean the viewpoints of historical heritage——China's throat……2019-09-102018The annual China's pharmaceutical industry announced the top people out……2019-08-27China's private enterprises500Latest ranking strong people to be trusted……2019-08-27Nanchang high-tech zone highlights people trusted group2019-09-09Coagulation heart poly - ting development hand in hand painting a new blueprint——Nanchang TV……2019-08-27As people trusted group2018The annual“Jiangxi feats……2019-08-13A new study suggests the goldwater treasure jointACEI/ARBCure……2019-08-13People trusted for Chinese medicine scientific and technological innovation in the two top the list2019-06-04

Innovative research and developmentWith independent research and development as the core,Through global cooperation,Drug research and development system of continuous improvement and imitation。

The quality controlUnder the international standard quality control system of a complete set of,With advanced pharmaceutical equipment manufacture high quality drugs。

Product areasFocus on kidney disease、Antitumor、Cardiovascular、Resistance to infection、First aid, and pediatric drugs。

Many people Believed to be the worldPeople trusted the existence of the value,Is with the heart of the calamities,Line of benefiting the people;Good faith for the product,Blessings。More than 20 years,People trusted has been practicing corporate mission、Insist on innovation,Promote the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical industry。

Social responsibility

In the people to be trusted,Corporate social responsibility is not a project,It is not a plan,But our handling and the way of business,All is also our enterprise existence value and the ultimate meaning。