This chemical to develop green technology for the idea,Long-term commitment to chiral and heterocyclic chemical synthesis technology and accumulation and innovation,And independently developed including unnatural amino acids、Heterocyclic aromatic template、
And medicine、Pesticide intermediates and so on a series of products。With taicang、Some、Binhai、ACLSuch as multiple production bases on a large scale、Commercial production。
  • ABA Chemicals Corporation(Taicang base)

    This chemical has for many years into the life sciences provide customization service experience,And aspire to become a global excellent customized service providers in life science field。

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  • Nantong ya this chemical co., LTD(Some base)

    Nantong ya this chemical co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company,Nantong rudong coastal economic development zone is located in jiangsu province,The first phase of the construction project has been2015Years in operation。

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  • Subsidizing jiangsu developing plant protection co., LTD(Binhai base)

    Jas subsidizing the subsidiary company of jiangsu developing plant protection co., LTD is located in yancheng coastal economic development zone in jiangsu coastal industrial park。

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This chemistry is devoted to the synthesis of high efficiency、Low toxicity、Low residues of pesticides and new products、Efficient pharmaceutical products。The company depends on the globalization business vision、The industry's leading research and development platform and perfect production process,
Keep up with the world pesticide、The pace of the pharmaceutical industry,Continuously introduce new products,And quickly realize large-scale production,Main products in the international leading level in technology and cost。
  • Technical advantage

    “Creativity”Is an important concept of this chemical,This chemical is technology-driven high-tech companies,Has a young、Stable core and experienced technical team。

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  • Talent advantage

    This chemical has a high-quality staff team,Including a number of returnees, Dr、Dozens of Dr. Master's as well as many domestic famous universities management、Research and development、Engineering、Environmental protection and production personnel。

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  • Environmental advantages

    Since the establishment of the company at the beginning will be integrated into the global pesticide、Pharmaceutical industry chain as a long-term development goals,And the establishment of a complete effective quality control systemEHSSystem。

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  • Custom services

    And the research and development center to be able to rely on the company's various resources to provide g level、Kg、The tonnage level product contract research and development and customization service。

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We have a professional r&d team to provide you with customized service,If you would like to customize, pleaseContact us
This chemical on synthesis of efficient、Low toxicity、Low residues of pesticides and new products、Efficient pharmaceutical products at the same time,Is also committed to influential contribution to the society。
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